URGENT $5,000.00 NEEDED!

IMG_1385A couple of years ago Missionary Flight Training was able to purchase an Advanced Aircraft Training device, flight simulator, for a very good price. It is a great asset to our flight program because flight students can log a percentage of their flight training time at a very reduced rate and can experience equipment failures and emergency situations that would be difficult, dangerous or impossible to simulate in actual flight.

If it is so good, why do we need $5,000? Here’s the situation, the computers, software and radios of the AATD are outdated. We often experience problems with the device, airport information is not current and the equipment in the AATD doesn’t match the equipment in the training aircraft.  $5,000.00 will update this equipment and retain the FAA certification needed to log the training time.  Compare this to the price tag of $21,000 for a new model of a similar AATD. Updating our present AATD would be a savings of $16,000 over purchasing a new model. Will you help us reach our goal of $5,000 for this project?

Click on YES to make your donation online or send your check to Missionary Flight Training INC. PO Box 1065, Hobe Sound, FL 33455. All donations will receive a receipt and are tax deductible.

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